Our Home

The purpose for this site is to share the love of sailing, cruising tips/ and boat related subjects.

It is also to serve as a forum for those wishing to or already members of the boating world. As well as to tell the story of Dawn Treader our home and boat.

The story of the Dawn Treader started many years back and has progressed from boat to boat because it is also a collection of her owners stories.

This will be evolved as not only Dawn Treader but as her crew and visitors take to the seas. The histories and the memories will be shared and will hopefully bring motivation to the readers to enjoy life as well as to see possibilities and worlds that we enjoy as we live on our wonderful planet.

A special note to our more prolific readers:

The intent is to bring sailing information as well as related information about not only boats in general but specifically the story of our boat. If you would please remember that cruising and living aboard a boat has limitations and Internet connections as well as finding a  place within walking distance to  do laundry can be impossible. Cell phone reception is also severely limited to about 20 miles from the shore.

I have just spent the better part of an hour with a sluggish connection and devoured a half a bag of pretzels cleaning up the pages —– so please help by limiting posts on your end to sailing related subjects or specific questions about live aboard and travels by boat. I wish to keep this forum as public and open as possible so cooperation would be much appreciated.

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